45 Recertification Points

Instructor: Dr. Nate Sleeter

Center for History and New Media 4400 University Drive, MSN 1E7 Fairfax, VA, 22030-4444

Hidden in Plain Sight is an online course designed for Virginia social studies teachers. In this course, teachers will explore America's past by examining everyday objects, images, and texts. Each of these primary sources will address a different period in American history. There are no in-person class meetings; all course work is completed online through the course website.

Course Structure

The course is designed as a series of eight online modules. The first module focuses on historical thinking; the remaining seven modules are centered on objects that speak to a broad topic in American history. Participants may choose which modules they would like to complete for the course. In each module, you will complete activities that allow you to engage in the historical inquiry process and provide opportunities to think about classroom applications.

Course Requirements

Students enrolled in Hidden in Plain Sight are expected to work through each module and complete all required assignments. Modules are due by stated deadlines and all work must be completed by April 21. Assignments in each module include:

  1. Introduction: Write a hypothesis about the primary source's role in history.
  2. Resources Section: Explore other resources that reveal the story hidden behind each source.
  3. Connections Essay: Read a short essay to learn more about the topic.
  4. Rethink: Reflect on what you have learned and respond to the question posted.
  5. Classroom Connections: Reflect on classroom applications.
  6. Wrap-up: Read what other teachers have posted on the topic.

Course Schedule


Date Requirement
February 25 Course Begins
March 3 Complete Module 1 (Analyzing Objects)
March 10 Complete Module 2
March 17 Complete Module 3
March 24 Complete Module 4
March 31 Complete Module 5
April 7 Complete Module 6
April 14 Complete Module 7
April 21 Complete Module 8


  1. Course fee will be refunded only for participants who drop before the course official start date.
  2. If a participant falls more than two modules behind the due dates as stated on the syllabus, they may be dropped from the course at the instructor's discretion.