Hidden in Plain Sight is an online course for practicing K-12 teachers designed to teach about America's past through everyday objects. This course was created by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RR-CHNM) at George Mason University with funding from the Virginia Department of Education.


  • Dr. Kelly Schrum, Project Director
  • Dr. Christopher Hamner, Lead Historian
  • Kristin Lehner, Content Developer
  • Adam Turner, Content Developer
  • Jessica Kilday, Research Associate
  • James McCartney, Lead Developer
  • Joo Ah Lee, Junior Developer
  • Chris Anne Raymond, Senior Web Designer
  • Celeste Sharpe, Program Associate
  • Rwany Sibaja, Program Associate
  • Nate Sleeter, Program Associate
  • Justin Broubalow, Program Associate
  • Sara Collini, Program Associate


  • Dr. Anthony Pellegrino (Record)
  • Stephen Barr (Boundary Stone)
  • Dr. MaryKate McMaster (Stereoscope)